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Long term Housing Policy in the Bowen Basin

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Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

Milestone 4

Milestone 5

Milestone 6

Impacts of the Coal Mining Expansion on Moranbah and Associated Community

Please click on the links below to download PDF versions of reports sections:

Report 1 Demograhics

Report 2 Household surveys

Report 3 Stakeholder Analysis

Report 4 Business Survey

Report 5 Mackay Survey

Report 6 Community Choice Survey

Report 7 Final Report

BTRE: Focus on Regions No.1: Industry Structure

Summary: This information paper presents and analyses statistical information about the industry structure of employment in Australia's regions. Recent national and regional trends in industry structure are identified, and the relationship between industry structure and regional economic growth is explored.

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BTRE: Focus on Regions No.2: Education, Skills and Qualifications

Summary: This information paper analyses Australia’s trends in, and spatial distribution of, educational attainment, occupational status and presence of selected professionals and skilled tradespeople. The relationship between skills, qualifications and regional economic growth is also explored.

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BTRE: Government interventions in pursuit of regional development: Learning from Experience
Working Paper 55, June 2003

Summary: The study offers a review of selected Australian and international experiences with government sponsored interventions for regional purposes and provides a useful context and reference tool for the development of Australian regional policy.
Publication available online @

BTRE: About Australia’s regions

Summary: This booklet provides an accessible introduction to social, economic and environmental statistics for Australia’s regions.
Publication available online @

CQU: Economic and Social Impacts of the Coppabella Mine on the Nebo Shire and the Mackay Region - Report

John Rolfe, Stewart Lockie and Maree Franettovich
Central Queensland University - April 2003

Please click on the links below to download PDF versions of report sections:

Executive Summary (188kb)

Report Overview (184kb)

Economic Impacts Assessment (408kb)

Social Impacts Assessment (508kb)

Appendices (56kb)

Report in full (22.8mb)

DIR: The Working-Time Transformations and Effects Report
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This report involves research undertaken by Griffith University in collaboration with the department of Industrial Relations. It investigates the transformation of working time arrangements in Queensland. The research included seventeen organisations participating as case studies, two of which were mines.

Types of working time change and the rationale for change are explored in the report, in addition to the process of implementation experienced by the organisations. The report focuses on a number of key areas of working time change, including extended working hours arrangements, work intensification and the interplay between work and home life.

The Department of Industrial Relations Queensland posts a variety of written material on its internet site. Electronic documents are posted in the public interest, with some being prepared by and for the Department, and other prepared by independent individuals and organisations.

LGAQ & CSRC : The Local Government & Social Capital Action Research Project

2003 Pilot Study in Queensland.

A Collaboration between the Local Government Association of Queensland
(LGAQ) and The 'Boilerhouse' Community Service & Research Centre (CSRC), The University of Queensland (includes Broadsound Shire)

UQ: Bowen Basin Communities - Survey of Residents

Contacts: Mark Western, Warren Laffan, Yolanda van Gellecum, Michele Haynes, Lynda Herbert-Cheshire, John Western, Paul Boreham and David Brereton

This research was conducted by The University of Queensland’s Social Research Centre on behalf of the Community Engagement Division, Queensland Department of Communities in September 2003. The project involved a random telephone interview of 400 residents from a cross-section of relevant Bowen Basin communities on issues of quality of life and well-being, and factors influencing decisions to relocate to mining, coastal or other centres. The project also set out to examine whether any significant differences could be found in relation to these issues according to demographic factors, size of community, length of residence and access to services.

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